We love to challenge conventional thinking.

The human ear absorbs the sounds of the natural environment in three dimensions. Our actions and emotions are triggered by the sounds we hear all around us.

Sonosphere is uniquely focused on delivering an audio experience the way the human ear wants to hear. Moving away from traditional stereo opens a new world of creativity and an emotional connection for live productions and music consumption at home, and for broadcast and live streaming.

Sonosphere’s Dolby Atmos certified studio is an exciting addition to how the company is changing the audio landscape.

It is already trusted by Amazon Music to spatially remix a selection of its back catalogue. was used to do a Dolby remix for the live system used at the launch of Ed Sheeran’s new ‘=‘ album, where Sonosphere also designed and delivered the immersive loudspeaker system, and on the recent 5G Festival Showcase, with an advanced audio system spearheaded by Sonosphere.

Sonosphere's Services

Design, consultancy, installation, set-up and commissioning of immersive audio systems for permanent installation

Dolby Atmos mixing and object-based spatialisation

First and third order ambisonic spatialisation

Immersive live streaming

Back catalogue remixing and spatialisation

Connecting artists and venues to produce immersive, live experiences

Teaching immersive workflows

Identifying and exploring new applications and markets

Design and consultancy for all immersive applications from large scale live events to small intimate club and restaurant settings

5G connectivity to connect venues and artists

Sustainability and accessibility

As well as bringing new and exciting experiences to audiences, one of our major aims it to reduce the touring carbon footprint by enabling major concert venues and theatres to live stream their productions to smaller venues throughout the country. Using immersive audio and video techniques will give the fans at the smaller venues as close to the real thing as possible.

This will bring revenue to local communities and will dramatically cut the need to ship touring equipment and personnel vast distances and reduce the need for fans to travel to see their favorite artists.

It will also allow people who can’t get to larger venues, either because of distance, cost or disability, the chance to experience their favourite artist or show either at a local venue, or in the comfort of their own homes.

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