Sonosphere at Metropolis Studios

The new state-of-the-art 3D audio mixing facility enables established and emerging artists to unlock the exciting potential of 3D audio.

Delivering the experience.

Sonosphere takes audio in its rawest form and turns it into an immersive, emotive magical experience for live, studio or broadcast productions.

Hearing is three dimensional. The human ear consumes the sounds of the natural environment in three dimensions. Our actions and emotions are triggered by the sounds we hear all around us. 

Sonosphere is uniquely focused on delivering an audio experience the way the human ear wants to hear. Moving away from traditional stereo opens a new world of creativity and an emotional connection for live productions and music consumption at home, broadcast and live streaming.


With the availability of the highest quality equipment on hand and our expertise gained over years of practical work for clients along with experimental workshopping with the leading manufactures we have become the Experts in capturing audio with the immersive element.  


With our experience in creating and designing controlled sound fields in the strangest of spaces we are able to deliver your vision to immerse audiences in your content and provide experiences in ways that have previously only been available to the largest scale productions.

Mixing & Processing

Our industry partnerships put us at the leading edge in terms of workflow and quality. Our studios set the benchmark in the latest techniques and offerings, this allows the creative imagination flow freely whilst being efficient and produce quality results.


We believe in in the power of knowledge sharing to build new immersive worlds together. This is a fundamental value of ours. we have created affordable accredited training programs to increase the understand of the principles of working in immersive and spatial environments. 

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