Jamie GosneyCreative Director

Originally trained at LAMDA back in 1976 and having served time operating sound on West End shows, Jamie has a wealth of experience in professional audio.  Since then he has gained more than 35 years’ experience in the design and installation of audio systems in major venues across the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

Jamie has a huge knowledge of designing audio systems for venues such as Theatres, Cinemas, Conference Centres, Churches and Clubs.  With experience of engineering and production in Recording Studios, live music and speech based systems; he has a track record of not only designing and specifying systems to suit a variety of purposes and budgets, but for engineering systems to make the very best of any space and  passionately taking into account the architecture and aesthetics of each building.

Jamie has a passion for high quality audio and believes that a good sound system needs to address a wider range of issues other than just the audio products involved and the careful placement of speakers.  An audio system must take into account the equipment’s purpose, the experience of the potential users, its aesthetics, particularly when being installed into historic buildings, and the number and variety of different requirements placed on it. A well thought through audio system design will enhance any venue.